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Over the next few years, there will likely be increased requirements for education and training in the important area of GP-Psychotherapy medical practice. This will be secondary to considerable pressure from the College of Physicians and Surgeons and from the Ministry of Health for increasing the educational requirements for Physicians practicing GP-Psychotherapy. Many of us are keen to increase our knowledge and skills in this area and strongly feel that educational intitiatives in this area must be practical, practice-focused, relevant and of reasonable cost. In addition, education and training in medical psychotherapy should be made available to all practicing Family Physicians and GP-Psychotherapists [who are also called Primary Care Medical Psychotherapists (PCMPs)].

In order to enhance the awareness of existing educational programs and to help in the development of future educational initiatives in this area, we have formed an "Educational Interest Group" called the:"Primary Care Medical Psychotherapy Education Interest Group."

The need for such a group was highlighted to us recently when several physicians from across Canada called our clinic for more information on CME in Medical Psychotherapy. Therefore, in response to this growing interest, we have formed this group which will help develop, and promote relevant upcoming educational events.

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