The Medical Clinic for Person-Centred Psychotherapy
265 Yorkland Blvd., Unit 403,
North York, Ontario, M2J 1S5
Telephone No.: (416) 229-2399
Toll Free #: 1-888-229-8088
Website: http://www.medicalpsychclinic.org/

Questions and Answers

What we offer:

Further Education in General Practice Psychotherapy is pavailable.  Psychotherapy Educational Sessions include: Continuing educational professional development sessions per month on various topics by DVD/video and group facilitation by experienced psychiatrists, psychologists social workers, physician psychotherapists other experienced psychotherapists and on such topics as: 
Relationship Problems Grief Treatment of Sexual 
Suicidal Risk Depression The TherapeuticAlliance
Marriage Therapy Clinical Empthy Anxiety Disorders
The Difficult Patient Transference Countertransference

 The Medical Clinic Also Offers:
A Friendly, Collegial Work Environment.  We have several associates working at one time.  Consultation with a GP psychotherapist colleague is usually available immediately. Consultation with one of our psychiatric associates is usually very quickly arranged. 
Full-time or Part-time Work.  Work as little as you want, (or as much as you want!).   Most of our colleagues are working with us part time.  Evening and weekend work is also freely available (but only if you want). 

A Very Busy & Professionally Run Clinic.  We have an excellent support staff of over ten assistants.  We have dedicated and pleasant secretaries, computer consultants and managers. 
Very Reasonable Earning Potential.  We have many referrals and a very large referral base.  Because of the large number of referrals, new associates can quite quickly become as busy as they want to be.  They can often build a full medical practice in less than two months. 
We Offer An Excellent Financial Arrangement To Doctors.  The clinic receives a percentage of doctors billing.  This percentage is so reasonable that some of our associates have actually asked to pay the Clinic more! (We gently refused their request.) 
No Hassles: Since we have a very professionally run clinic you need not suffer the hassles of managing a Medical Practice.  The clinic does all scheduling of patients and handles the administrative details.  Letters and other documents are typed up quickly by our assistants.  You need not deal with OHIP at all since our manager is an expert at this.  What a relief!  All you need to do is practice high quality medicine! 
No Commitment For The First Three Months!  Because we are so certain that you will find our Clinic an excellent place to practice high quality medicine there is no need for any commitment from you for the first 3 months.  Afterwards there is still no contract (unless, of course, you want one). 

Clinical Independence.  All our associates are independent professional Associates who are free to carry on psychotherapy as they see fit with their own patients (the clinic will simply refer patients to them).  All associates are certainly very welcome to participate in our elective (yet extensive) Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Mental Health Continuing Medical Education sessions. 
Sexual Orientation.  We are open and tolerant of peoples? sexual orientation.  We have many patients whose psychotherapy deals-in part-with their sexual orientation, sexual functioning and sexual identity issues.  It could be said we are gay positive (and we are also ?straight positive? as well).  Probably a better way to describe our attitude is that we generally have a non- judgmental (or neutral) attitude towards a persons? sexual orientation. 
Multiculturalism. Our clinic is committed to offering multicultural psychotherapy to patients by having psychotherapy therapy offered by members of several ethnic-a cultural groups.  The Clinic is also actively involved and supportive of the whole concept of transcultural psychotherapy issues and has educational initiatives in this area. 

Clinical Specialization.  Because of the large number of referrals the clinic receives, Associates are in an excellent position to pick and choose the clinical problems, issues & disorders presented by patients that our Associates feel especially interested in, and competent in dealing with.  Some of our General Practice colleagues may not feel competent in conducting therapy with some severely affected patients.  These patients are referred on to other more experienced colleagues.