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    Not convinced General Practice Psychotherapy is a viable medical career for you?

    Let us attempt to respond to your concerns. 

    Well, maybe you can?.  Psychotherapy is not for everybody.  It is not easy, it is not simple.  Nevertheless if you have a genuine interest and ability to connect emotionally, intellectually and spiritually with emotional disturbed patients then General Practice Psychotherapy is a very important, interesting and emotionally satisfying (though challenging) medical career niche which may be right for you.  Alternatively although full time work in psychotherapy may not be for you most of our Associates are part time.  These Doctors continue to work in their own General Practice and Family Practice Medical Clinics.  Actually although the government may try to do so in the future - there is no evidence whatsoever that this is on the agenda presently.  It is of interest that the Ministry of Health did previously try to reduce the amount a patient would be ?overed? for psychotherapy to two hours per week.  Even this reduced coverage is well in excess to what we, at the clinic, would normally provide to most of our patients. This ?hreatened? potential decrease in OHIP coverage was, in fact, spectacularly unsuccessful.  There was a very angry, loud outcry by psychiatrists, GP-Psychotherapists, patients and the general public. There was ultimately no change implemented in the OHIP psychotherapy fee structure whatsoever. 
      This is certainly understandable.  Most of our Associates practice General Practice  Psychotherapy part-time and have more traditional medicine practices as well. Yet some find GP-Psychotherapy so interesting, challenging and rewarding that they are now working full time in this area. 
      Since we are GP-Psychotherapists we do not practice Psychiatry and so need not be extremely knowledgeable about Psychiatry.  And although we are very interested and involved in appropriate psychotropic pharmacotherapy it is usually only for anxiety and depression. In any case we can always refer the more difficult psychiatric problems on to the appropriate psychiatric consultant. Psychiatric Consultations are available at our clinic.  In addition the Medical Clinic for Person-Centred Psychotherapy is very committed to Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development.  The Clinic has regular group supervision of GP-psychotherapists; Updates on Psychopharmacology and also more experienced colleagues are available to consult with our Associates as the need arises.  Also additional resources for further education and training in psychotherapy are available. 
      Welcome to the club.  In our clinic you don? need to.  We have a policy that allows our associates to refer onto another colleague any patient they do not feel comfortable with.  We also refer some very difficult patients onto more appropriate psychiatric consultation and treatment centres. 
      You are wrong.  Some of our Associates are working 40 hours per week are making at least as much as most family physicians.nbsp;
      If you have any questions whatsoever about Practicing GP-Psychotherapy or about the General Practice Psychotherapy Association (The GPPA) the Ontario Medical Association Section on GP-Psychotherapy, or our Clinics (The Medical Clinic) Please feel free to call Dr. Michael Paré at 1-888-229-8088