The Medical Clinic for Person-Centred Psychotherapy
265 Yorkland Blvd., Unit 403,
North York, Ontario, M2J 1S5
Telephone No.: (416) 229-2399
Toll Free Telephone #: 1-888-229-8088
Website: http://www.medicalpsychclinic.org/
  We are an established psychotherapy clinic servicing medical patients suffering from a wide variety of emotional and mental health disorders including depression, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders and marriage dysfunction. Our physicians also help patients with problems associated with grief, sexual abuse and other traumatic events. 

These patients are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan for needed psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Unfortunately many people who need, and are entitled to Ontario Health Insurance Plan coverage are unable to find physician psychotherapists. The reasons are multiple – yet one key reason is that most physician psychotherapists (both Psychiatrists and General Practice Psychotherapists) are overloaded with work already and have no time for additional patients. Our clinic is helping to meet this existing need for medical services. 

We are presently seeking suitable physician associates. We need General Practitioners / Family Physicians and Psychiatrists who have an interest in, and an ability to conduct psychotherapy and counselling. We would be delighted to hear from physicians of any ethnic or racial origin, age, gender or sexual orientation. We are very liberal on these criteria not only because it is the law but because it conforms to our personal beliefs in a non-judgmental, tolerant attitude towards all people (including, of course, our associates and our patients!). 

A unique feature of the clinic’s Educational Programme is the individual & group supervision of physician psychotherapists by experienced psychotherapists. We also have practical educational updates in psychotherapy. 

The general philosophy of our clinic is based on the concept that many emotional problems are genuine, and sometimes life threatening medical problems that can often be effectively treated by various forms of Psychotherapy. We at the Medical Clinic, appreciate the individual’s unique “life problems issues”, and their unique “pathway through life”. We have a positive attitude towards an enhancement of our patients own creative energy, resilience and self empowerment skills. Self-esteem and self-actualization skills are encouraged. The process of psychotherapy is, in part, a way of getting the patient to know themselves better. Although the experience of psychotherapy is not always easy and at times can be quite difficult, it has been shown to be very helpful to many people. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to help people get to know; to accept and to trust (and sometimes mistrust) some of their own inner self. Really getting patients to be “in touch” with their own “true” (sometimes hidden) self will help them use more courage, creativity and humour in their life. Appropriate pharmacotherapeutic treatment with psychotropic medications is also embraced by clinic personnel. 

The staff of our clinic includes both physician psychotherapists (both General Practitioners, Family Physicians and psychiatrists) and other professional psychotherapists with an extensive and varied range of experience and training in the helping professions. 

Our clinic is very busy and dynamic. It is also very collegial, supportive and flexible. If you are interested in working with us please do not hesitate to contact us.